“Feromont Oprema” a.d. is competent to do the work on the most complex manufacturing equipment in the energy, process and construction industry, thanks to qualified and experienced human resources, which has 137 employees. Personnel structure

Work structure Number of workers
 Graduate Mechanical Engineer 5
 Graduate Technology Engineer 2
 High Mechanical Technician 9
 CNC machine Operator 9
 Operators on machines for metalworking 5
 Locksmith 50
 Welder 30
 Corrosion Protection 4
 Assistant Jobs 18
 Graduate Economist 4
 Graduate of Laws 1
 TOTAL  137

“Feromont Oprema” a.d. has project office with a big license for design thermotechnical and processing equipment, as well as processing and gas installations, facilities for the storage of gas, oil, etc.